About iRecon

 Welcome to iRecon powering MyCarPedigree!

   We exist because the used-car sale/purchase process feels like combat and it should not. Dealers and Buyers both want the same thing; a vehicle in good condition, which creates a happy customer, which creates a long term relationship of trust on both sides, but the sale/purchase process feels like combat. Purchasing a vehicles should be a happy occasion not a stressful event. We are solving that problem!

  We are a technology crew with decades of dealership experience that has built a tool that reduces the conflict of the automotive sales/purchase experience and makes dealers and buyers happy. We were tired of feeling like combatants at the end of a sales day and we were tired of feeling like combatants at the end of purchasing our own personal vehicles. So MyCarPedigree, powered by iRecon, was created.

  • MyCarPedigree provides buyers with information to meet their primary used car purchase concern, Vehicle Condition. Our "Reconditioning History" report provides the Service History, Original Build Specifications, and Cosmetic Reconditioning History for a used vehicle. Buyers know the exactly condition of the vehicle and know what they are paying for in their purchase.
  •   iRecon provides dealers with Reconditioning Automation and powers the “Reconditioning History” reports of MyCarPedigree. iRecon automates the process of communicating to the right reconditioning vendor, for the right job, at the right time so dealer staff can focus on communicating with customers. Of course automation makes the reconditioning process faster and provides everyone at the dealership with electronic oversight of reconditioning.

  As a buyer next time you purchase a vehicle look for the MyCarPedigree “Reconditioning History” report to know the vehicle condition and the quality of the vehicle you are purchasing. As a dealer contact iRecon about how we can partner to make your sales/purchase relationships happier. 

Personal Demo:

 For detailed demo crafted to the needs of your dealership(s) and for pricing information please contact your iRecon Executive Sales Representative or contacted iRecon toll free at 844-473-2661 or sales@ireconcars.com

About the iRecon team:

We are all car guys with a mixture of backgrounds; selling vehicles, managing vehicle sales, working as a reconditioning vendor, managing  financing, and of course driving cars all of our lives. We have experienced the frustration of operating a dealership, reconditioning company, and the frustration of purchasing vehicles.

Our focus, and our commitment, is to steadily work hard to make iRecon the most comprehensive reconditioning/vehicle pedigree site in the world. We commit to being responsive to the needs of our customers, seeking win-win business connections, and being open and honest about our company and our services. If you have any questions, request, or comments; good, bad, or otherwise we would like to receive them. We believe we can learn from everyone and together craft a business we can be proud of.