Vendors: What if you could know your workload in advance?

iReconCars alerts the Right Vendor for the Right Job at the Right Time. Vendors no longer need to walk the lot, wait in line for approval or fight for keys. All vendors have unique logins: the Right Vendor receives the work request for the Right Job and completes the work at the Right Time


iReconCars Vendor Benefits:

  • iReconCars access from any device
  • Receive a list of pre-approved work
  • Increase your billings 30% by never missing work again
  • Review history of completed work at any time
  • Gives your business infrastructure to grow with the market


Manage Your Work At Any Time

  • You now can receive an alert or email when a dealer requests your services
  • Login from your smartphone, tablet, or computer and you can manage the entire process
  • From your dashboard you can see your entire company's workload 
  • Set up your workers on iReconCars and track their daily productivity
  • Stop writing bills by hand: once you have completed a job through iReconCars bill it through the system for free.


Control At Your Fingertips

  • From any devise you can check, in real time, amount of work each dealership is requesting.
  • Then, simply accept the jobs you want to perform
  • When the job is done record the work in iReconCars


work request

Mobile Invoicing 

  • From your smartphone you can create an invoice for the work you completed in iReconCars
  • You can automate the price and work description or add it manually as each vehicle is completed
  • Have your manager sign your e-invoice on your phone
  • We will automatically send your manager a copy of the invoice and your iReconCars account retains a copy for your records


To use iReconCars as a Vendor your dealership must be a partner dealership of iReconCars. If you would like to use iReconCars, introduce us to your manager with an email to